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Conference Circular@WUR
Living within planetary boundaries


A transition towards a circular bio-based and climate smart society is the answer to many of the societal challenges we are facing today. Circular systems in the green and in the blue domain will close water, nutrient and carbon cycles and from this, minimize resource losses and climate change effects, and hence assure that society can live within the planetary boundaries.

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Earn instead of burn


Surpluses and items that are no longer used often end up in the incinerator. In a circular economy, these items are actually recycled and surpluses are used for effective and demand-driven food technology. That makes the environment, the society and your wallet happy!

Idea[X] projects

Conference Circular@WUR:

11-13 april 2022 in Wageningen


Based on the call for sessions, the organizing committee has developed an inspiring program that supports the identification of pathways to accelerate the transition towards a circular bio-based society. The program involves relevant and impactful keynotes; masterclasses and workshops in which you can learn and experience the circular challenge yourselves by participating in masterclasses, scientific sessions presenting the latest scientific developments and the opportunity to inspired by visiting the most innovative circular companies in the Netherlands.

Conference programme

Right place,
right moment


Could we measure where and when in the cycle a reusable item is most valuable? Could we have a product available in the right place at the right time? And what if we can make this technique useful for the food sector?

Since 2007 we have been consciously addressing this question. In cooperation with circular organisations we have been collecting data on product flows ever since. This enables us to give the answer to the questions above: yes, we can.

And now the good news


Our technology offers an imposed opportunity to score, at a minimum, thirteen of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The best news is that we can also use our technology in the food sector which gives the remaining SDGs a boost.


[ KPRS ]


With KPRS, you keep your entire flow of goods under control. From registration with recognition to beyond the outflow. After all, we have models that describe the life cycle of products and parts based on 15 years of experience with relevant data. KPRS was born from our belief in a sustainable world. With KPRS, you make circular business sustainable and profitable!


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[ Pixelfarming ]


With Pixelfarming, you remotely and custom grow the crops you like. Nothing more and nothing less. You get fresh products straight from the land, grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides. The soil stays healthy and no surpluses are created that would be thrown away. Robot One from Pixelfarming Robotics ensures sustainable growth, efficient use of valuable space and proper care of the crops.


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[ Pixelfarming Robotics ]


The future is biodiverse. Pixelfarming Robotics designs and builds Robot One. We train Robot One to be a full-fledged autonomous employee to make biodiverse arable farming possible. Our robots use digital technology to nurture each plant of the pixelfield and give it the attention it needs for optimal yield. With Robot One, you can take a giant step towards demand-driven arable farming, a healthier soil and a sustainable world.


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